Simon Bolivar the great Latin american Politician and Genral

Simon Bolivar the great Latin american Politician and Genral

Simon Bolivar was the great was the great political leader of Latin America. Simon Bolivar was also the founder of the Spanish Empire. Simon Bolivar’s full name was Simon Jose Antonio de la santisima Trinidad Bolivar y Palacios Ponte y Blanco but he was famous and known as the name of Simon Bolivar. Simon Bolivar did a lot of work for the independence of Spanish Empire. Simon Bolivar’s rules and policies as politician are very famous in the history of the Americas. Simon Bolivar was also the greatest general of South America. Simon Bolivar had a great and brief history and was the greatest role model for Latin Empire

Simon Bolivar was born in 24th July 1783 in Caracas, Captaincy General of Venezuela, Spanish Empire. Simon Bolivar was belonged to a very richest and wealthy family in his times. Simon Bolivar’s father who follows the Roman Catholic Religion was belong to the male line of the de Ardanza Family. Simon Bolivar’s family first lived in a village but they satteled in this country after Simon Bolivar’s birth. Simon Bolivar’s settled Venezuela in sixteenth Century. Simon Bolivar was lived with his family in Caracas, Captaincy General of Venezuela, Spanish Empire. All Simon Bolivar’s family have the Latin names like his mother name was Doria Maria de la Conception Palacios y Blanco and Simon Bolivar’s father name was Coronel Don Juan Vicent Bolivar y Ponte.  Simon Bolivar was the fourth child of his parents, Simon Bolivar had two sisters Maria Antonia, Juana and Maria del Carmen had one brother Juan Vicente

Simon Bolivar got the early education from Venezuela.  Simon Bolivar’s mother was died when he reached at the age of 9th (ninth). When Simon Bolivar was reached at the age of fourteen he admitted and transfer to the Caracas and then Simon Bolivar shifted in Military of Venezuela. After completion of his training Simon Bolivar was return back to Venezuela in 1807. Simon Bolivar got the command of army in the battle for Tunja New Ganada which now days known as the Colombia. Simon Bolivar played very important role during his command. Simon Bolivar succeed in Colombia in 1813, Simon Bolivar defeat many countries by his great command.

Under the great command of Simon Bolivar his army takes many areas of the Latin America. In 1814 reformed his army to flourish the Cundinamarca. Simon Bolivar combined his army with the Haitian soldiers to overtaken the Venezuela. After that in 1819 Simon Bolivar got victory in the battle of Boyaca and also made the Venezuela an independent country after Colombia. Simon Bolivar in 1821 and 1822 got victory in the battle of Carabobo and Pichincha respwctively. Simon Bolivar was the great commander and the great fighter in history of Latin America

After the retirement of Simon Bolivar from the post of presidency, Simon Bolivar was exile to European countries in 1930. Simon Bolivar had the serious problem of Tuberculosis, which caused his death in 17th December 1830 when he reached at the age of forty seven (47). Simon Bolivar was the great and bravest personality in Latin American history

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