Singapore is an Asian Country known as Republic of Singapore. It is also known as the Lion City and the garden city. It was occupied by Japan during world war 2 and gained independence in 1965 from Britain. It is the global hub of economic power and transportation.It is also known as the Asian Tiger due to its trade and human capital power.

There are 74% Chinese living in Singapore which reflect so much friendship with China in economic and professional level.9.2% people are Indians in Singapore which shows the innovation of India towards the development of country. The culture of Singapore is bilingual, many languages including English are spoken.The president or Singapore is elected through the voting process.

The foreign policy of Singapore is very clear. It does not support any argument for disturbing the peace of Asian region. Singapore military is the most advanced armed forces in the world.

There are 63 islands in Singapore. The Island of Singapore is the most popular island. A large number of land has been converted into parks in Singapore to provide health and recreation facilities.Parks occupy 10% of the total area of the land.The climate of Singapore is tropical in nature, which means plenty of rainfall occurs with high humidity.The Monsoon season of rains lasts between November to January.

Singapore follows the time zone GMT+8.The modern day economy is highly developed.The other Asian Tigers like Hong Kong, South Korea and Thailand are strategic partners of Singapore in economic development.In Singapore, there are more than 7000 international organizations working from US, UK Japan and Europe.

Education at primary level and secondary level is provided by the state in Singapore.Ministry of Education plays a good role also for quality of education.Pre University level is the third stage of education in Singapore which is only possible after passing from primary and secondary levels.

Singapore has the best infrastructure in terms of telecommunication and technology.The vehicles are a bit costly in Singapore than in other advanced countries like USA. Public transportation is very good in Singapore in the form of Taxis and cabs.The fares are cheaper than the most developed countries.

The most commonly practices religion is Buddhism.But also Islam and Hinduism are the most common religions in Singapore as well.English, malay and Chinese are the most spoken languages in Singapore.If we look at the employment rates of Singapore, the unemployment rate is least in Singapore as compared to the most Asian Countries. This is due to because the government has done well to provide the great benefits to the local community.A lot of help is provided to students in the form of cheap laptops.

Singapore attracts the foreign talent in a very large quantity.The culture is friendly and freedom of speech and living is a guarantee in Singapore. Dinning and shopping are the favourite activities of people in the spare time.A good variety of diverse food is available for every kind of citizen. Durian is however the national fruit of Singapore.

In Singapore, no one can be left without getting entertained by sports.Cricket is spreading rapidly among Singapore. Other popular sports are basketball, swimming , football, sailing and table tennis in Singapore. Visitng Singapore can be an amazing adventure in the presence of all the above great fun filled activities and lifestyle.

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