Sir Donald Brandman, the greatest player in cricket’s history.

Sir Donald Brandman, the greatest player in cricket’s history.

Sir Donald George Bradman was born on August 21, 1908 at Cootamundra, in New South Wales. Bradman was an Australia cricket player who is universally regarded as the greatest cricket player of all time, and one of Australia’s greatest popular heroes. Bradman Born in Cootamundra, but raised in Bora, where the Bradman Museum and are sited, he  was a youth in his obsessive practice, often hitting a ball repeatedly against a wall using only a cricket stump. After a brief dalliance Bradman  himself to cricket, playing for  local sides at the age of 18, he played a greatest score in Sidney and become the popular, wihin1 year he became the representative of the New South Wales and within three years he made his test debut in 1928 in his first Ashes series Australia Vs England.

Latter on Bradman proved himself a great player. During the home series against   England, Bradman scored 468 runs during his eight innings with two Centuries and two half centuries. He continued his hard work and practice to become a great player in the test cricket.  Latter with is the hard work Bradman proved himself a greatest batsman in the Test Cricket with the incredible average 99.94.  The most historic event in Don’s life was in 1932. When he played against England he scored 334. In that series the England’s Captain Douglas Janine used a method of bowling, where the ball used to fly above the batsman’s head. The Australian Batsman used every technique to hit the ball they often Injured badly, Bradman  used to counterattack  the bowlers by hitting the Ball over the Bowler’s head, but however  Australia overall lost the series.

Sir Donald Bradman often called the greatest batsman of all time; he scored twenty – nine Test Cricket Centuries during his international career which lasted from 1928 to 1948. His International cricket career was interrupted from 1940 to 1946 due to the outbreak of World War II followed by poor health. He remained as captain of the Australia side in the 1936-1937 seasons, and centuries scored fourteen centuries as captain.  Bradman holds the world record for the most double centuries scored by a single batsman, with twelve to his name. He was the first of twice scored by a single batsman, with twelve to his name. Bradman was the first four batsmen to have twice scored triple centuries, followed by the Brain Lara, Varner Sewage and with Chris Gayle.  His total of nineteen centuries against England remains the world record for the highest number of centuries against a single team. When he made 334, his triple century against England in the 1930 Ashes, Bradman had a record of 309 scores in a single day in that test. Latter on Sir Bradman took revenge when he was the Australian team’s captain; when the Australian team went to England a test series, Bradman was a nightmare for the English Payers. Sir Bradman was able to score 974 runs in 8 innings and came back to Australia as a great hero! Sir Donald Bradman died on February 25, 2001 at the age of 92 at his residence in Kensington. His life will be hope for the entire cricketer. Sir Bradman will never be forgotten by any of the cricketers, fans or by the Australians



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