Sir Isaac Newton biography and inventions

Sir Isaac Newton biography and inventions

Sir Isaac Newton was the world’s great personality and the world biggest physician, Mathematician, Philosopher, Chemist and also a great astronomer. Sir Isaac Newton was born in 25th December 1642 in Lincolnshire England.  Sir Isaac Newton from his childhood was very fond of Education. His Mother want make him a farmer but Isaac Newton disliked this type of occupation. He get his early education from the King’s School after completing his early education then he went to Trinity College of Cambridge. It was a scientific revolution spread all around the world in that time.

At this age Isaac Newton started to his career as a mathematician and as a astronomer Isaac newton also studied the brief history of Galileo and Kepler. In that time in Europe the main part of the study of Philosophy was Aristotle who was the great philosopher. During his study Isaac Newton never waste his time he always keep in touch with his study seriously and in spare time he was read the Modern aspects or modern philosophy of 1664 Newton discovered some new aspects of the modern Science and provide the better framework for the scientific revolution. During his study Isaac Newton also achieved a award of scholar in 1665. Isaac newton was inventing many calculus theories, Many Optical Theories and also the Laws of Gravity. Isaac Newton Provide many scientific theories and Philosophy in the Field of Mathematics, Optics and Mechanics. Newton wrote many books on the laws and theories of Mathematics one of the famous book which published in 1687 was “on the motion of bodies in orbit”. Isaac Newton provide the all aspects of the Calculus by practically and theoretically in his books. Isaac Newton’s Philosophy over Calculus is used today’s which make a revolution in the field of Mathematics and Science. Isaac Newton also explained the Binomial theorem of the Mathematics and also describe the also explained the Diophantine Theorem. Isaac Newton describe the following things briefly in Mathematics Field

  • All Aspects of Calculus
  • Binomial Theorems
  • Diffraction or finite Difference
  • Frictions Law
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Euler Summation Formulas
  • Power Series in Mathematics
  • Simon Stevin’s Decimal

After completing his mathematics He started study on Optics. This field also is very interested for the Isaac Newton. Isaac Newton is also investigate in the refraction of lights and He also explained the Aspects of the Sepetrum briefly in the field of Optics given work is very famous by Isaac Newton now a days:

  • Reflecting telescope
  • Multiple Prism beam expander
  • Narrow Line width
  • Multiple –Prism dispersion Theory

The biggest invention of the Newton is the Universal gravitational Laws. He wrote a book in the aspects of the Mechanics and the Universal Gravitation Law by the name of Principia the Theory of Mathematics. He also explained the anomalies of the motion of the moon He also explained the theory of Orbits according to the Concept of Mathematics. Isaac Newton also describe the three laws of motion which are more famous now a days in world. These three law of motion are state below:

First Law: “An Object at rest star his motion at the constant speed or velocity unless an outer force will stop their motion that outer force in called Inertia”.

Second Law: “If a body is moving through a constant velocity than the force which act upon it is directly proportional to the Mass and the Acceleration of the body”.

Third Law: “Action and reactions are equal but they are different in direction”.

Isaac Newton was died in the age of 84 in 20th March 1727 in Kensington, England. He is widely known as a Sir Isaac Newton now days. His philosophy, Laws and all theories about the Mathematics, Optics and about the Mechanics is create the revolution the field of Science and Mathematics now days..



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