Stephan Hawking, Great Scientist of this Era

Stephan Hawking,  Great Scientist of this Era

Stephan Hawking is great scientist of this era, He is known for his work regarding time and space, black holes and for authoring several popular science books. His mother Isobel Hawking had studied from Oxford University in 1930, a time when few woman though off to go for college and university. His father Frank Hawking is also graduated from Oxford University and was a respected medical researcher with specialty in tropical diseases. Stephan was born on 8 January 1942 in Oxford, England, this was the when his family was in financial crises and lake of money and the time when England was facing swear situation tense political climate and dealing with World War II.

Early Life and History:

In 1950, Frank Hawking took job as the head of the Division of Parasitology at National Institute of Medical research and spent the winter month in Africa doing research. Hawking was the eldest son of his family, Frank was wanted for Stephan that he would continue in Medicine, but he showed his passion for physics, metaphysics and sky. Early in his educational life, Stephan was known among their fellows and teacher as very bright student who always remained focused outside of school. Stephan played games with his fellow’s friends and student and mostly won, they were at a point created of their own. He was in the age of 16 along with several friends constructed a computer out of recycle parts for solving rudimentary mathematical equation. When he reached in the age of 17, He takes admission in Oxford University. During his study in Oxford, he remained the rowing champion of university. Stephan was graduated with honors in 1962, after his graduation he was gone to attend Cambridge for PhD in cosmology. Since Oxford was not offered medicine degree so he was gravitated towards physics and mathematics. While studying in University of Cambridge he was diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, despite of his illness, Stephan was done marvellous work in Physics and Cosmology.

Books and Regards:

Through his several books on Space Travel and Future Frame, History of Time and research on Black holes, Stephan made science understandable and available for everyone. Though Stephan health remains a constant concern, in 1990 he Left his wife and weds with his nurse in 2004 with Elaine. In 2006 they both were divorced, and Stephan was remarriage with his fist wife Jane regarding his health and condition. In 2009 a worry that was heightened when Stephan failed to appear at a conference due to chest infection then he was retired from Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University

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