Stephan king, Famouse Hollywood Story Writer

Stephan king, Famouse Hollywood Story Writer

Stephan king is most famous and most influential film story writer. Stephan was born on 21 September 1947 in Portland. His father was Donald Edward King was a merchant seaman while his mother Nellie Ruth was working as caregiver in mental institute. His parent were adopted his elder brother David earlier before two years. They spent the most of their life in travelling and visiting

Early Life and Education:

Stephan was attended Lisbon high school in Lisbon in 1962. He takes scholarship and graduated from high school to attend the University of Maine. During his studies Stephan was remain undistinguished. He was completed his university education in 1970 with Bachelor of Science in English and certificate to teach the high school. Stephen began actual writing in 19595, after publishing their own family news papers with the name Dave’s Rag. In 1963, Stephan published collection of 18 stories collaborating with his best friend Chris Chesley, named People, Places and the Thing. Stephan publishes his first appearance in 1965 in comic’s reviews with his story I was Teenage Grace Robe. The most distinguished thing of this story was remained that it goes about 6000 words in length. His early stories were published in men’s magazines such as Cavalier.

Hollywood Adaptation:

First novel Carrie of Stephan was came out in nearly 1973. Carrie was adopted by Hollywood made film at this novel. This book was became so much successful that Stephan was expected, after the great success of this novel, Stephan was devoted himself completely to writing. Later after “Carrie”, Stephan gives several major hit novels, and his novels and stories are greatly admired and adopted. today nearly all his story is being filmed in Hollywood.

Personal Life:

Stephan king married with writer, just like Stephan, his wife also wrote stories and novels. Stephan has three daughters, and they are currently living in Florida. They has three children, from two them is also a writer , Joseph which uses pen name Joe Hill is fiction-horror writer while second own his rights as Owen Phillip, whose first collection of stories was published in 2005. Stephan sometime play guitar in band named Bottom Remainders with fellow literary stars. All the money which bottom remainders earned goes for charity purpose

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