Steve Marriott, the great English musician,songwrite and Producer.

Steve Marriott, the great English musician,songwrite and Producer.

Steve Marriott was born on January 30, 1947 in Bow, London. Marriott was an English rock and roll singer, songwriter and guitarist. He always best is remembered for his musical work in the group’s small faces from 1965 to 1969 and Humble Pie in 1969 to 19705. Music was always in his blood, he started to earn cash by buskins around tee bus queues of steepened with his keel. Steve worked  as a juvenile actor in his youth, he appeared in an early London stage production of Oliver, with Ian Carmichael and Tony  Robinson (who claim that Steve took him to Itchy coo  Park one day  and got his high)”, and featured in two British films in his early teens, including one starring Peter Sellers.

 Despite his small stature and slight build Marriott possessed a thrilling voice, he was widely admired as one of the best British rock and soul singers of his generations. He was also an accomplished songwriter. Small faces along with the Who, where the most respected most bands, highly regarded by the youth of cult’s followers. Marriott was one of many influences on the information and musical style of premier British hard rock group Led Zeppelin. Marriott is also reputed to have Jimmy Pages’ bench mark when selecting a lead singer for Led Zeppelin. 9 the other being other rowdy – voice Brit, Terry Reid, 0 and there are unmistakable stylistic and imperil similarities between the voices of Marriott and Led Zeppelin’s lead singer Robert Plant. The agent hit Marriott to one of the great “what-ifs” of rock, Paul Weller, of the Jam and the Style Council, has also cited Steve, adroit and small faces as a strong influence.  Small faces were one of the most popular and successful groups of  the late Sixties, and Marriott or co – wrote (with bassist  Ronnie lane) almost all of the Small Faces “ most successful song, including “ All or Nothing”, “Itchy coo Park”, “Lazy Sunday”, and “Tin Soldier”. Marriott quit abruptly at the end of the1969, frustrated by the group’s inability to break out of their teen –pop image and their failure to achieve major success in the Lucrative American market.

  After leaving the Small Faces Marriot formed a new band, Humble Pie along with guitarist Peter Frampton, drummer Jerry Shirley a bassist Greg Ridley. They released their first album” As Safe as Yesterday Is on Andrew Log Oldham’s Immediate label, and scored a UK top five hit with “Natural Born Boogie”. Humble Pie almost dissolved after their first American tour, however; when they returned to up they discovered that immediate had gone into liquidation. After the breakup of Humble Pie  Marriott started his Solo career, appeared on recognized by French Pop singer Johnny Haley day and New York  dolls guitarist Johnny Thunders and wrote and recorded with the Australian drummer a song writer John  Lee (ex the Dingoes), He was heavily influenced by the American soul music as well as the Beatles. Marriott wore his influence on his sleeve, adding covers of many of his favorite songs to live sets throughout the years. Ray Charles was a particular favorite, with Humble Pie rendering “I Don’t Need No Doctor” and “I Believe” to great success. Marriott’s dog Seamus made a notable appearance in the song “Seamus” on Pink Floyd’s album Meddle. He can also be heard on the small faces song “The Universe”, which Marriott recorded on a cassette player in his backyard, the former track papers on the video Pink Floyd; live at Pompeii, however the dog featured in the live recording is not the original Seamus. Marriott vocal styling was reprised by a female Afghan hound named Knobs with similar musical talents, and in the film the title was altered accordingly to read “Mademoiselle Nabs”.

 Marriott died on April 20, 1991in Harlesden, Essex, UK due to caught fire in his home. The accident was caused by his falling asleep while intoxicated and leaving a cigarette burning, after arriving home jet- lagged from an overseas trip. At that nigh Marriot and Peter Frampton had begun writing sons together again, but the project had never completed.

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