Steven Spielburgh

Steven Spielburgh

Steven Allan Spielberg is an American director, producer and film maker who won many awards and made many blockbuster movies. He is also considered as the pioneer director in the Hollywood history. He co-founded the DreamWorks Studios in USA.

Early Life And Films

Steven has been making movies for almost four decades now, his mastery over the areas of science fiction and adventure are epic in Hollywood history.He was born in December 18, 1946 in Cincinnati Ohio. His father was an electrical engineer and his mother was a piano player. They moved to Phoenix Arizona. He didnt like his school children early because he was a little different from them.

He applied in the University of Califonia to study films and moved California where he did an internship in the Universal Studios. He started making some TV movies. He was inspired by the Exorcist book and thought about turning it into a movie. He made the movie Jaws about a killer shark in early 70s which made him skyrocket to success and he became the youngest millionare.

The 80s

Then he made Jaws 2 along with the King Kong and Superman. In late seventies, he created the legendary characters like Indiana Jones, Star Wars and the Raiders of the Lost Arch. The Raiders of the Lost Arch came in early 80s. Its success gave a new meaning to action filled adventure movies. Then he advanced to horror movies and made the Poltergeist.

The Twilight Zone also became a TV hit in 1984. The successful movies list grew as he made Indiana Jones 2 , Temple of Doom. The Color Purple in 1985 proved to be the 11 academy awards winner. It gave Oprah Winfrey the fame he owns now. Then the Chinese actors Bruce Lee began to emerge in 1987 who also made it big in Hollywood marshall arts movies.

The 90s

In 1991, Steven introduced Peter Pan which featured Robins Williams. Peter Pan became the icon for the children of the world in 90s. It was aired in all continents. Steven returned to his action / adventure films again in 1993-94 when he started making Jurassic Park. The adventure action scientific film is still the America’s most popular movie with 914 million earnings.

Schindler’s List also became the Oscar Award Winner which represented the Holocaust and saving of 1100 Jews in the war by a man who risked his life. He came back with yet another grand Jurassic Park movie, The  Lost World. James Cameron produced a massive Academy Award winner in 1997 Titanic. The lost world just lagged behind it.

His another movie Saving Private Ryan also featured World War II. Tom Hanks was featured into it. He took Leonardo Dicaprio in 2002 movie “Catch me if you can”. It became total hit. In 2005 he directed War of the Worlds with Paramount.It was inspired by the HG Wells Book which had already become an incredibly successful mind blowing TV series in America in 90s.

He made the Indiana Jones The Kingdom of Crystal Skull in 2008. He also served as the Executive Producer for Men In Black I, MIB II and MIB III parts.

He also helped Robert Zemeckis in 1990 for the making of Back To The Future III.Steven did short roles in the Tiny Toon Adventures and Austin Powers as well.

Video Games And Current Years

Steven has a long history of producing video games of epic style. “Attack of the Mutant and Medal of Honor” are most fabulous games in his list.

According to the Forbes, Steven has a total worth of  $3 billion. assets.  Boston University presented him an honorary Doctor of Humane Letters degree in 2009. He is a huge supporter of US Democrate Party and has donated over $800,000 to it. He was honored by  National Archives and Records Administration in 2013. He will recieve the  Presidential Medal of Freedom award from President Barrack Obama in 2015-16 at the White House.

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