Swiss Confederation is also known as Switzerland. It is a European country with neighbors like France. It is the most peaceful, advanced and cold country of Eastern Europe. It has borders with Germany, France, Italy and Austria. It is divided between most beautiful mountain ranges like Alps and Swiss Plateau. Two of the world’s most powerful cities Geneva and Zurich are in Switzerland. It became a federal state in 12 September 1848.

History And Climate

Switzerland has a very old history. It was not invaded by Germany in the World War 2 even though there was a plan to attack it. Switzerland has had good fortune in the modern times and strong support from the European coutnries. The largest city is Zürich but there is no capital city. The government is Federal and total area is 41,285 km2..

The population is approximately 8,211,700, The currency is Swiss Franc and the calling code is +41. People have the freedom and enjoy the highest quality of life. In the old history, the Switzerland was prosper in first and second centuries.

The climate is mediteranean due to mountain tops. Cold palm trees are also found and summers are warm and humid. The lower areas may not see the sun for several weeks in the winter. But the upper plains have less humid winter. The inner alpine valleys are dry and cold. Higher alps are wet most places  on the mountains. A large number of rich plants are found on the mountain ranges.

Foreign Relations

Switzerland does not make foreign alliances with countries directly. It does not involve in any military or political action at all. The most neutral country became the member of United Nations in 2002. Red Cross and Red Crescent Foundations are also in Switzerland. Switzerland is the home to the organizations like WHO world health organization, ILO International labour organization and FIFA International Federation of Association Football.


The Swiss army is less in quantity is a mostly consist of Land and Air Force. The male citizens are preferred to female. Swiss citizens are not allowed to join a foreign army except for Swiss Guards. The integrity and neutrality of Switzerland is their most high preference.


The Swiss Economy is the most stable in the world. It is among the wealthiest country of the world. The economy is most competitive worldwide. Large famous multinational organizations exist in Switzerland. A few of them are Nestle, Novartis, Hoffman La Roche, Tetra Pak, Swiss Re and Swiss International Airline. The manufacturing sector is the most powerful sector for economy. More than 3.8 million people work in this economy. The unemployment rate is very low as compared to France, UK and Belgium. Value added Tax VAT is the main income source as well.

Education And Research

The Swiss education is world class and diverse. Both public and private schools provide free education to children. The number of universities is 12. The largest is University of Zurich having 25000 students. Applied Sciences and Management are the most in demand subjects. Swiss scientists have won many Nobel Prizes over the years. Albert Einstein was also a Swiss Scientist.

Swiss space Agency is responsible for exploring space and is involved in many space research progress.


There are four official languages spoken in Switzerland. The languages are German, French Italian and Romansh. Other minority languages are also spoken like Serbian, Croatian, Spanish and Turkish. The German and Italian for example are the main official languages but they have terms not used outside of Switzerland.


Switzerland has no official religion of the state. There are churches in the country like Catholic church and Swiss Reforms church. The most dominant religion is Christianity. Judaism and Buddhism are also present.  The country is evenly balanced due to good atmosphere in the larger cities like Geneva and Zurich.

Customs and culture

The Swiss has a good tradition and large number of customs.It represents true reflection of European Culture. The areas are good for hiking with tremendous tourism attractions. Folk art is also present which has been kept alive for many years.

The country is well known for its music, dance, poetry, wood carving and embroidery.


Three sports are very popular in Switzerland. They are Skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering. FIFA world cup 1954 also happened in Switzerland. Ice Hockey is also the most popular sport in the Switzerland.


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