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Meryam Mirzakhani

  Meryam mirzakhani is Iranian born woman, professing in Stanford University California and recently awarded with Nobel Prize in mathematics. She is not only first ever Muslim woman who won Nobel Prize but also first mathematician who has this award.

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Alexander Graham Bell

There are a lot of people or Scientist in this world who invent a unique thing for the people. Alexander Graham Bell is one of these people who invent a unique thing for the people of world. Alexander Graham Bell

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Bill Gates (William Henry Bill Gate)

Bill Gates is one of the greatest personalities in this world. He is also one of the richest personalities of the world. Bill Gate’s full name was William Henry Bill Gate. Bill Gates was born in 28th October 1995 in

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Sir Isaac Newton biography and inventions

Sir Isaac Newton was the world’s great personality and the world biggest physician, Mathematician, Philosopher, Chemist and also a great astronomer. Sir Isaac Newton was born in 25th December 1642 in Lincolnshire England.  Sir Isaac Newton from his childhood was

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