The Birth Of Jesus Christ

The Birth Of Jesus Christ

The Birth Of Jesus Christ

The concepts of heaven and hell came from the prophets of God who guided people about the life after death. The religion of Christianity Jesus was the prophet of God who is known as Jesus of Nazareth. He is the central figure of chirstianity. All scholors and believers of Christianity believe that jesus existed and was righteous in the name of God. He was Baptized by John and was crucified by the order of Roman Perfect Pontius Pilate. He died at the age of 33 and he was the son of Mary Joseph.

In islam, Jesus is currently referred to as Isa and the most important prophet of god after Muhammad (peace be upon him) in Islam. He was the bringer of the scripture called ‘THE HOLY BIBLE”. He was not the son of God, but an ordinary man who was chosen by God to sacrifice his life for his people and religion. Jesus was raised to heaven as described by Quran.

Hometown And Family

His hometown was Nazareth. His brothers were James and Jopesh. Jesus developed a conflict with his parents and neighbors who said that he was crazy. He was concerned about the well being of his people and family.

Baptism and Temptation

John the Baptist showed him the way to baptism and he started following the path of truth and righteousness. He encouraged repentance of sins and giving alms to the poor. One day Jesus came out of the water and saw the holy angels coming down to him. They told him that heaven has declared him as the son of God. He was tempted by the satan as he became the prophet. Devil (Satan) used to tempt him in the wilderness to leave the right path of God and follow him for material gain and worldly lust and power.John publically declared Jesus the sacrificial lamb of God.

The Ministry And Miracles

Scholars divide the ministry of Jesus into several stage. The Galilean ministry begins when Jesus returns to Galilee. Miracles famous throught his life were “caliming of storm”, “ feeding of 5000”, “ walking on water”. Jesus also travelled through Jerusalem.Jesus grew followers. Jesus taught people about the goodness of God and the way he showers his blessings on you when you devote your life to him and repent your sins. Jesus achinggs were mostly based on the promises of God to his creation.He said that God is always good and never evil. He asked people to leaven the path of lust, greed, injustice, slavery, deception, lies and worship humans.

Death and Crucifixion

Jesus performed many healing miracles during his life time.His famous miracle was turning water into wine.The life of Jesus became an adventure and a quest when he confronted a large number of opponents to his teachings and the name of God. They accused him as being the false prophet and tortured him many times.The last week of Jesus life was called the passion week. He was victorious in Jerusalem but his life ended with a crucifixion. He was a miraculous teacher and died a violent death. He was a qualified Messiah. He left a mark on the human race that no man can ever erase.


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