Prophet Muhammasd Peace be upon him was born in 570 CE in Makkah. Before his birth, his father Abdullah had died. At the age of 6, his mother died when he was coming back from Madina. He was raised by his parental grand father Abd Ul Mutlib.

Early Life And Marriage

Muhammad peace be upon him started to work with his uncle Abu Talib. He began to earn his living as a trader.He had a high moral character from the start. He was 25 when a rich merchant Khadija expressed her wish to marry him. She was 40 years old. He had four daughters Fatima, Ul e Kutoom, Zainab and Ruqayya. That time kabah was filled with many idols. The arabs had very bad sense of morality and were covered in sinful deeds.

Arrival of Angel Jibril in Den Hira

When Muhammad peace be upon him was 40 years old, he was on the mount Hira in month or Ramadan. He was amazed by the arrival of angel Jibril and told him ;”Recite in the name of the lord who created you”. He told his wife about this incident and she covered and supported him to be chosen by Allah as his last prophet.

The teachings of prophet Muhammad according to verses of Quran are called Hadith and are saved in the books like Bukhari and Tirmizi.

The Preaching And Migration

The prophet dedicated the rest of his life for teaching Islam and transforming people. A large number of people began to follow him. His nephew Ali and his best friend Abu Bakar were his great followers and supporters. His uncle Abu Lahab was the most hostile person and was against him. Muhammad said if people would put the sun in my right hand or moon in my left, I would not give up the preaching. He was tempted and tormented many times during his preaching.

His tribe Quresh began to persecute the muslims and boycott their business. The prophet was asked by God to be patient and to preach the message of Quran. After five years of preaching and hard time, prophet was advised to emigrate to Ethiopia.The prophet lost his wife Khadija was he was 50 and married another woman Sawadah.

In 622 CE, the leaders of the Quraish decided to kill the prophet Muhammad. Gabriel informed the Prophet of the plan and instructed him to leave Makkah immediately. the enemies of Islam increased their assault from all sides. The Battles of Badr, Uhud andAllies (Trench) were fought near or around Medinah.

In these circumstances, Prophet Muhammad married several women . The Prophet married Umm Salamah (ra) in 626 CE who lost her husband in wounds. His other two wives Juwayriah and Safiyah, were prisoners of war.

Final Days of Preaching

After the war and success, The Kabah was then cleansed by the removal of all three hundred sixty idols. Within a year (630 CE), almost all Arabiaaccepted Islam. The Prophet performed his first and last pilgrimage in 632 CE. The remaining battles of his life were fought in Northern Arab when super powers in Arabia threatened prophet Muhammad to kill him and attack Medina.

The prophet has the privilege to receive great number of miracles from God. His final days were full of popularity and increased number of power. After the pilgrimage, the prophet became physically ill and he died on Monday 12th Rabi Ul Awal. He was is buried in the sameplace when he died.

Overall Life and Legacy

The prophet Muhammad lived a very simple and God fearing life. He mostly ate dates and lived without food many times. Taught his family the lesson of holiness and love for humans and God. He left no wealth in inheritance but just a white mule.

He was the last prophet of Allah and his mission and struggle was for Allah and his message of Quran. He urged people to follow the right path in order to succeed in eternal life after death and enter the sacred magical place called heaven.








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