The Dilemma of Bermuda Triangle

The Dilemma of Bermuda Triangle

Bermuda triangle is one the biggest mysteries of modern world. It is an area of sea in the north Atlantic almost 500,000 square miles. The Bermuda triangle lies between Bermuda, Florida and Puerto Rico. This area of sea is considered to be the cause of disappearance of several military and civilian ships and planes.

Events Occurred in Bermuda

Among several arbitrary disappearances, the disappearance of FLIGHT-19 and USS CYCLOPUS are most notorious. Flight 19 refers to the group of five U.S. bombers that disappeared over the triangle in 1945.Those panes were searched but to no avail. Rescuers were unable to trace wreckage. Likewise, they could not find any apparent reason why the five planes suddenly vanished. That incident brought Bermuda to the forefront as a mythical and mysterious location. While USS CYCLOPUS was a civilian ship which mysteriously disappeared in 1918 along with its 300 crew members. Vanishing of Cyclopus also raised suspicions about some extraordinary force residing in Bermuda. The ship, even though it was equipped with instruments to send a stress signal, did not send any stress signal. And rescuers were unable to find its wreckage even after extensive efforts. Some recent mysterious losses further add to the mystery of the Bermuda triangle. In 2015 , a cargo ship El Faro, vanished along with its crew members.


According to one estimate, as far as 75 planes and several ships have met their unfortunate fate in the notorious Bermuda Triangle. There are multiple views regarding the happenings in Bermuda Triangle. On the one hand, people believe Bermuda to be no different than any other part of sea. On the other hand, some people believe it to be a mythical place having extraterrestrial creatures which are responsible for abrupt vanishing of planes and vessels . There are many theories as to explain what is responsible for such mysterious happenings in that part of the north Atlantic. While some analysts are skeptical about any paranormal force, others believe that Bermuda might have some abnormal forces which result in sudden disappearance of ships and planes.
According to one theory presented by meteorologists, unusual happenings in Bermuda can be ascribed to Hexagonal clouds which result in fast blowing winds. These winds reach up to speeds of 170 mph. Scientists believe these fast winds, ultimately, are responsible for sudden disappearance of vessels and aircrafts. The deny existence of any paranormal force.

Similarly, some experts believe that anomalies in Bermuda region may be caused by sea currents, extreme weather conditions and storms. Such factors are common in any part of the sea.  Further, some believe strange magnetic field present in Bermuda to be the cause of strange happenings there. According to them, such fields interfere with compasses and other electronic equipment of the planes. Consequently, the planes wander and crash after running short on fuel.

Even after many theories and counter theories Bermuda still remains an unresolved mystery of the modern world. No one has been able to give a comprehensive explanation which could completely resolve the great mystery of Bermuda Triangle. Thus, it can be regarded as one of the greatest unresolved mysteries of the world.

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