The Great Nation China

The Great Nation China

Geographical Area

China is the most populated and advanced country in the East Asia these days. It has 1.35 million population and the capital city is Bejing.It is spread over 22 provinces and it is governed by Cummunist party. The country is spread over a large area of 9.6 million square kilometers. The area contains not land landscapes which are vastly spread but also large forest and deserts exist in China. Large mountain peaks like Karakoram and Pamir separate China from the South East Countries. The are Yangtzie rivers and Yellow rivers which are sixth longest in the world.

Land area in China is the second largest in the world after Russia. The total area of China is 9600,000 kilomerter square which is as close to Canada or United States.

Climate And Landscapes

China has vast and large landscapes. Especially Southern China is full of hills and low peak mountains. Major rivers include Brahmaputra and Amur. Himalayas are on the west of China and Gobi desert is on the North. Mount Everest is not so far away from China as well.

The climte of China is made up of monsoon rains and dry seasons are also observed in China. That makes a temperature rise and fall in the winter and summer in the different areas. The season is mostly dry along the Gobi desert and it leads to water shortage in those areas as well. Water pollution is a problem in China that creates crisis in the north-east.

Economy and Politics

China has gone through a large number of reforms during these decades and is the largest investor of renewable energy projects in the world. The currency is Yen which is globally gaining most powerful status in the world currencies. The GPD growth rate is 7.7% and Gross National Income is 16.08 trillion. According to the IMF, the China’s economy is the second largest economy in the world. The public sector is providing more to the economy than the private sector. In the world trade, the contribution of China is largest. The government is trying hard to make the best use of resources and plan to become the world’s top economy. The rate of growth of economy is a slight low but there is no recession in China.Major imports of China are Electronics equipment, oil, medical equipment and chemicals. The major trade partner countries are USA, Japan, Korea, Germany and Australia.

The communist party of China runs the country and controls all the provinces of the country. The head of state is the President of the nation. The communist party alone has the 80 million members and the state council along with NPC and president control the states.

Why China is Great Country

The economy has gone through major reforms through 80s and 90s, which truly makes China the world’s leading greatest economy. It is threatening the economies like US, Switzerland and United Kingdom due to higher income and a stronger currency. The growth is likely to increase significantly in future if the government does well to keep inflation low.

The great wall of china stand amongst the most popular architectures in the world. With beautiful stones, wood and bricks, the great wall has been rebuilt many times in order to keep its legacy alive. This is a masterpiece of wall building in th old days for first emperor of China in 221 BCE. It was made with good planning with mountain stones and many workers died during building this wall. It was made to secure the nation from Manchu invasions and it helped China to secure its people from attacks.

The Future of China

Economical, technological and cultural revolution is being carried forward in China despite the negative criticism and controversies with the United States and other European countries, the country is still very actively looking for expansion of trade and aims to become the biggest economy in the world in the next few years. The poverty issue is still needs to be addressed and some programs of development like airspace technology, oil expansion on disputed islands.

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