The great president of Iraq Saddam Hussein History

The great president of Iraq Saddam Hussein History

Saddam Hussein (Abdul -Majid- Tikriti was the fifth President of Iraq. He served in this capacity from 16 July 1979 until 9 April 2003. He was a leading member of the revolutionary Arab Socialist party, later on he joined the Baghdad Based Party and its Regional Organization Party (Iraq Region) which embrace a mix of Arab Nationalism and Arab Socialism. Saddam played a key role in the success of 1968 (refer to as revolutionary) that rose the party to power in Iraq.

Saddam (he who confronts) was born in a village called Al –Auja, which is situated in northern Iraq. His father died around the time of his birth. After his father’s death Saddam’s mother remarried a man who was merciless, illiterate and immoral. Saddam had only one brother who had been dying due to the cancer in the 13 years of age. Saddam hated living with his step farther. His maternal uncle Khairullah Tulfah was released from prison in 1947, Saddam insisted that he go and live with his uncle.

Saddam started his primary education at the age of 10 when he moved with his uncle. At the age of 18 Saddam graduated from the primary school and applied to military school and completed his secondary education. Saddam also completed his higher education study with a Political science from the military school. For higher studies Saddam went to Cairo and admitted into the College of Law attended during the period of 1962 -1963. After completing his third and fourth year studies, in the times of July 17thRevolution, he obtained a graduate degree from the college of Law in Cairo. Saddam was awarded a Master of Art Honorees Degree on February 1, 1976. The University of Baghdad awarded his Honorary Doctorate in Law in 1984.

During the academic period Saddam always enjoyed with politics. Saddam joined the Baath Party at age of 20, in 1957.He started his political career with low –ranking member of the party with his schoolmates in rampage. He took part in different political activities with his fellows and sooner proved him a great political leader. Saddam was chosen by a member of the homicide squad in 1959. On October 7, 1959 Saddam and his fellows attempted to homicide the prime minister, but failed. In the case of this movement Iraqi Governmentforciblyexceled Saddam. He lived in Syria for three months of exile.

In 1963 when the Baath Party Successfully took power allowed Saddam to return to Iraq. After Coming He married to his cousin, Sajda Tulfah and started a new life. Saddam was arrested with his fellows in 1964 when Baath Party has overthrown. He spent 18 months in prison.  He came out from the prison in 1966 when the Baath Part gained Power and Saddam became the vice president of the Party. In the next decade Saddam became more and more powerful. When the President of Iraq resigned on July 16, 1979 and Saddam officially took the position. Saddam Ruled with Brutal Hand in Iraq. He uses every strategy to stay in the Power. Saddam used the chemical weapons during 1980agins Kurds within Iraq and killed 5,000 in March 1988. On March 19, 2003, The United States attacked Iraq. Saddam fled the Baghdad during fighting. On December 13, 2003, U.S. Forces took the Saddam In a hole in al –Dwar and arrested him. After different trial Saddam hanged by U.S forces December 30, 2006.

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