The Great Smog of 1952

The Great Smog of 1952

The Great Smog of 1952

From December 5 to December 9, 1952, a thick raging smog arose in London, the capital city of UK. It created the deadly smoke and thick black fog rising. Almost 12000 people were killed due to this fatal smog incident.

The Change of Weather

In early December 1952, dense fog engulfed the city. The period of this fog was five days. The reason for this fog to arise was the burning coal in the homes of London as well as the London’s factory emissions. Those emissions had not been properly emitted into the atmosphere. Due to that, a thick horrible layer of smog and fog formed into the air. Many people awoke when they heard their children coughing. Some people ran furiously only to hurt their bodies in the smog.Nobody had the idea who was respobsible for this but they all knew it was a result of human mistakes.


The Visibility Problem

The visibility was so poor that you were not able to see your feet and hands below in that much fog. The transportation around the city had been out of service when no driver could imagine driving in this visibility. The buses, cars and trains were standing still. The audience could not even see the cinema screen, therefore the theatre was closed for visitors as the smog seeped inside. It was  until fog ws discovered on December 9th.  TheyPeople  felt their eyes and throat burning.

Over 4000 people had died in one week in London.In the coming week there was no sign of disappearing of this horrible mess and 8000 deaths were expected. The patients with pre existing respiratory problems and lung cancer were the first ones to depart due to being weak and prone to severe illness. The death was taking a toll on society and everyday life was hampered. It was a time when great change was required in the city atmosphere. The existing pollution had made everything as worse as this.

12000 Deaths And Reforms

The black smoke has the tendency to bring the worst problems in the human life. It is poisonous and damaging to health. It creates lot of diseases. In 1956 , the period of awareness started among the people of London when they found the importance of keeping environment clean. In 1968, the partilent of uK passed two acts of Clean Air. Those acts were passed to focus on preventing the burning of coal into the homes of people and reduce the consumption of coal to pollute the environment disasterfully.

Great environmental reforms have made London the most attractive city in the world today. Large number of locals enjoy a clean and clear environment and enjoy good health. The present government is also ensuring great environmental stability. Coal consumption has been tremendously cut while the trains are electrically controlled. Toxic material methyl Isocynate used to make pestisides is prohibited.Water Tanks are not overheated, neither the coal is major burning source for the railway engines like before.



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