The Green Children of Woolpit

The Green Children of Woolpit

The green children of woolpit were real but their story feels like typical fairytale of England. In 1154, the King Stephen ruled the England and his reign was pretty troubled. Near Bury St. Edmunds in Suffolk the village of Woolpit was full of people who worked in the fields. A very strange occurance happened when two young children came out suddenly as emerging from the ditches or ground.

There was a boy and a girl. What was really strange about them that their clothes were not like other human beings of children. They were made of very strange material. They came out of the ground and then took a walk into the village for a while on their own. Everyone was surprised to see them.

Another very unusual thing about them was they were not speaking English or local language anyone could understand. It all looked like a fairy tale at the moment. They were not able to convince anybody who they were so they were taken to the house of local land lord or owner of town. There they felt bad and started to cry while bursting into tears. They neither ate anything when they were hungry.The villagers brought them recently harvested beans. But they couldn’t eat them as well and were finally settled for bread.

The boy was younger and girl was older. The boy became depressed and got sick. The girl easily adapted to the human lifestyle there and was baptised. The children had survived on this food for many months. When she became a woman after few years, she lost her green colour of her skin.She got married to a man who was the ambassador of Henry II.

It is believed that there are still descendants of that girl and her husband but the evidence is unclear. The little green boy had actually died because he could not survive the food.

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