The History And Beauty OF Badshahi Mosque

The History And Beauty OF Badshahi Mosque


The great Badshahi mosque is situated in Lahore,Pakistan. It was completed by sixth Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. It.It was Constructed between 1671 and 1673.It was the largest mosque in the world upon construction. It is the second largest mosque in Pakistan. The great thing is that it is also the fifth largest mosque in the world.It is located in the historic city of Lahore.It is located opposite to the famous Lahori alamgiri gate. It is the most famous mughal structure in the world.
It is not only the most famous place for tourist attractions but is also listed in the UNESCO world heritage Site. It occupies the area of 276,000 square feet as courtyard. More than one hundred thousand worshippers can be accommodated in the mosque for saying their holy prayers.It has three domes and 8 major minars.


In 1799,the Sikh army took control of Lahore. The badshahi mosque was desecrated after being captured. In 1841, during another Sikh war, the son of Ranjit Singh stored the guns and ammunition in the mosque and used the courtyard for the horses as a stable.During the British raj in 1849, the British continued using the mosque and fort of Lahore as the military garrison.It was later restored as the worship place by the British rulers near 1857. Major repairs were done to the mosque in order to retain it as a major Muslim worship place. Although, the mosque was not able to be used properly for prayers before 1939 when the cost of 4.8 million rupees was spent on the major repairs.

After the independence of Pakistan in 1947,the mosque was retained in its original condition in 1960. On 22 February 1974, the second Islamic Summit held in Lahore made the mosque famous. Regular Friday prayers were offered in the mosque. Country heads like Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto,King Faisal of Saudi Arabia.

When Faisal Mosque was constructed in Islamabad back in the 80s, the badshahi mosque became the second largest mosque of Pakistan.It wil always be a part of Lahore’s great heritage and elegant culture.

Elegant Features of BadShahi Mosque

It combines the functions of both mosque and Eidgah. The mosque is constructed with the red stone that display a scene of beauty from the entrance through the stairway.The outer circumference of the minarets is 67 feet and the inner circumference. There are 22 steps built to reach the platform for the mosque. There are seven chambers in the mosque and then it contains 3 dooms which reflects the Mughal architecture glory.

The interior of the mosque is made of precious stones.10.000 worshippers can easily be accommodated inside the mosque. The courtyard Is even bigger which is able to accommodate 1, 00,000 worshippers in the courtyard. This is truly the largest courtyard for a mosque in the world. The north end of the mosque faces Ravi River. The eye catching architecture of Badshahi mosque can also be seen from kilometre away inside the City.

The exterior structure is carved with marble stones giving a beautiful overall look to the mosque.There are minarets in the four corners. The steps are also decorated with marble in the stair chamber. An interesting fact is the original floor of the courtyard was laid with burnt bricks.The walls were also built with burnt bricks. A gate was also planned on the south as well which could not become possible due to the Ravi River by its side.The ceiling is flat in the front aisle but it has a curved border at cornice level.

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