The Holocaust

The Holocaust

Holocaust was a genocidal incident occurred in the twentieth century. In the time of Hitler, almost six million people were killed. The events of mass murder began as the non Jews were also killed. The total number killed became eleven million. The killings started in the Nazi Germany territory. The Germany was occupied in that time.

Between 1941 to 1945, lots of political and ethnic groups were killed in Europe.German army was also heavily involved in the process. More nations became victims of this crime including Romans and Soviets.Almost one million Jewish Children were killed as well. A large violation of human rights were abused and violated.These mass murders continued until the end of World War  in 1945.

French Jews were also found active in this violent occurrences. The word Holocaust comes from the Greek terms which represent an ancient story of animal sacrifices to ancient Gods. After this event, the German universities stopped admitting Jewish Students and expelled the already studying jews.

In 1941 when Germany invaded Russia (former soviet union) after the during the world war 2, the Holocaust was at its peak. New methods of mass murder were introduced by Nazis. People were killed using gas. Hans Frank who was Governor general at that time, also promoted and invented new mass murder.

Great majority of Jews were ended up bribing the German officials.The Germans were finally able to get thrown out of the soviety territory in 1943. The prisoners of war were a victim  of violence and starvation. They were forced to march for long miles in the snowy mountains and ranges. Almost 250,000 Jews were also killed in this march due to not being able to survive the worse health conditions.

The soviet army arrived in Poland. Freight trains to other camps and 15,000 people died on the way as well. Another 10,000 people also died from typhus or malnutrition in the later weeks ahead. The German policy is Poland was ill as well, depriving the population of medical services which led to largest number of Polish deaths in the Holocaust.

Genghis Khan also killed millions of children and women. The Holocaust Memorial Museum (USHMM) was created in United States. In Belarus, Nazi Germany was responsible for burning down some 9,000 villages. The large number of black people in Germany. The people were Germans. From 1933 to 1945 the major problem and incidents for the black people were persecution, sterilization, medical experimentation, incarceration, brutality, and murder.

In 1999, many German industries like Deutsche Bank, Siemens or BMW faced lawsuits for their role in the forced labour during World War II. One major economy that took masive advantage from the Holocaust was Israel economy. It was  revealed that large amount of reparations money was also subject to a fraud between 1993 and 2009. Almost 57 billion was given to the people who were not eligible.

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