The London City

The London City


London is the most popular city of the United Kingdom. It is situation on the bank of River Thames. It occupies the area of 1.12-square-miles which makes it the smallest city of England. The city was found by Romans who called it Londinium. It is the globally popular city for its education facilities, fashion industry, finance, media, research and tourism.It is the economic hub of Europe among the cities like Paris, Haag and Frankfurt. London is the home of Government of United Kingdom and the prime minister. It is also the capital of England.

Climate And Ethnic Groups

The temperature of London hardly rises above 35 degrees and it goes a few degrees below zero in the winter. Summers are warmer than winter but generally not as warm as in Asian or other Eastern Countries.Winters are generally damp and cold. Snowfalls are frequent in the winter and can cause a problem in the travelling if not taken care of. The East London is teh area populated with a large number of immigrants from Asian, European and other countries.The people from the poorest countries of the world are also living in this part of London.

Almost 30 percent of residents of London are Asian.1.5 percent of population is Chinese and 1.3 percent is Arab population.Almost 16 percent of the population is Black.More than 300 languages are spoken in London. The major religion followed is Christianity, but there are also 20 percent Muslims, 5 percent Hindus and 1.5 percent Sikhs.Buddhists and Jews are also found in London.The basic accent is British accent spoken by a large number of people in the country.


London generates a large part of UK’s income. About 20 percent of UK’s GDP is generated by London. London is the financial capital of UK which has 480 overseas Banks. London economy suffered a financial crisis in 2000 but it recovered well from it till 2010.Bank of England and Stock Exchange are also present in London.London has 5 major districts and a large number of Technology companies are becoming a part of London including Microsoft and Cisco. London plays a crucial role in the overall economy of Europe.

Tourism & Attractions

.London is the popular tourist destination. Approximately 16 million international visitors per year visit London making it the Europe’s most popular city for tourism. The most powerful attractions in the London are British Museum, National Gallery,Science Museum,Victoria and Albert Museum, National Maritime Museum and Tower of London.

The London is the Leisure capital of Europe as well. Places like Piccalilli Circus is fun filled place for tourists.Oxford street is the major shopping area where restaurants of all foods are present.

Film industry has flourished in London during the 80s and 90s. The most significant films and TV serials of UK were London based including Oliver Twist (1948), Sweeney, The King’s Speech, Mary Poppins, The Long Good Friday, Notting Hill, V for Vendetta and My Fair Lady (1964).


The mayor of London controls the transport of the city. London has overground network of transport and underground train network as well. London’s Heathrow Airport is the most famous airport in the world and the hub of international flights.The underground system known as tube is the longest underground system of the world with 3 millions journeys made during the day.

Buses are also an important part of the transportation system. the double decker buses are an international trademark of London.They provide speedy and safe journey to the people who love travelling in them.Cable Car and Cycling is also very popular means of transportation in London. Boat on the river is also available for transport services.The M25 Motorway of London is the longest in the world.As M1 motorway connects the two major cities London and Leads. There is a major traffic congestion observed on the Motorway M25. The average car driver cannot drive faster because of the traffic jams.


London is the European centre for higher quality education and research. Top class universities of the world like ‘The Cambridge University”, “The University College of London”and”London School of Economics” is also situated in London.Major medical schools like London School of Medicine, UCL Medical School and School of Medicine and Dentistry are also a part of London. The higher secondary collages in London are state funded.

BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation)

BBC is the major broadcast corporation of United Kingdom started in 1932. It provide a large number of broadcasting programmes as well as its own programs. it has a London transmitter which is responsible for its telecast available in wide spread area. BBC celebrated its 50th birthday in 2004. Since 2008, the BBC channels are available online for the world users to watch.BBC can also be viewed through mobile phone. The most popular BBC Channels on air 24/7 are BBC One, BBC Two, BBC Three, BBC News, BBC Four, BBC World News and CBBC.BBC is also operates several international channels as well like BBC America, BBC Canada, BBC HD, BBC Kids, BBC Entertainment, BBC Knowledge, BBC Education and BBC Earth.

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