The Olympic games is a  leading international sporting event featuring the large number of winter and summer sports played among hundreds of nations and thousands of athletes. Athlethes compete at their best in a large number of competitions and win medals like Gold, Silver and Bronze.

The History

The ancient history of Olympic games goes back into 8th century. These games were important religiously as well. In the 6th and 5th century, the Romans were powerful in Greece. An Olympian class was started by Dr Williams Penny in 1896, first Olympic games were help in Athens Greece with the funding of Greek government. In 1904 for the first time, women took part in the games. The games attracted a large number of public interest due to fascinating competitions.

The Modern Olympics

The National Olympic Committee was formed by IOC in the 20th century. Later International Olympic Committee was formed. The French and English were the 2 Official languages of Olympics. The games were commercialized in 1970s . The Los Angeles Olympics 1984 were the turning point of Olympic Games in history in USA. A profit of $225 was earned by those games. The Olympics were recognized as a brand. The television broadcast made them extremely available to world audience.

In modern times, the Olympics are started with an opening ceremony .Every four years, a host country hosts the games and displays dance, music ,rituals and flags of the nations. The teams enter the venue with pride and are cheered by the people of their country. Greece enters first in order to keep the tradition of games alive and preserve the memory of history. 2004 Olympics were hosted in Greece as well to repeat the history.

After the opening ceremony, the closing ceremony occurs. The national Anthems are played as well as the flags are waived along with the flag of Greece. The president of Committee addresses the closing speech. The next host is announced and flag is waived for that country. A ceremony for medals is held after the games are over. The three gold medalists of three top countires are stood in front and cheered.

The Games And Host Countries

There are almost 35 sports played in Olympic games.The summer events like wrestling and winter events like sci sports, skating, ice hockey ,speed skating etc are played magnificiently. These sports are governed by Olympic sports federation.

Over the years politics and controversies have been a part of Olympics. Use of drugs by althletes to boost their performances are also an issue.The women’s sex diisccriimiination also been observed. In 2004 first woemen from Afghanistanwere allowed to take part to represent their country.

The medals given to best players are made of pure gold Silver and Bronze medals are als given to best teams.The host nations are chosen before 8 years already to host the games in the future. So far USA has hosted 8 times officially and London has hosted 3 times.  Switzerland, Austria, Norway, Japan, Canada and Italy have hosted twice. Most recently the last games were played in Russia in Sochi in 2014.


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