The Robbery of Mona Lisa Picture

The Robbery of Mona Lisa Picture

The Robbery of Mona Lisa Picture

The great French Painter Leonardo da Vinci painted Mona lisa. It became the most famous painting in the world afterwards. The beautiful smile and simple attractive looks of a woman named “Mona Lisa” captured the hearts of millions around the world. It was stolen in 1911 from the wall of Louvre. That crime wsas committed so cleverly that no one had even saw it and discovered it until the next day.

The Discovery of Crime

There were several painting in the museum that were enclosed inside the glass protection. The painting of Mona lisa was there for five year already. There were only four iron pegs on the wall where Mona Lisa was hanged.The guards were there. The painting was stolen on August 21,1911. But was discovered on 22nd when the chief of security and other guards team searched for it and found out it was missing.

He called the Police of Paris and t 60 investigators were sent over to the Louvre. It was decided to close the museum and then the museum staff decided to conduct the search themselves. The Mona Lisa had been confirmed to have stolen.The investigation was conducted for a whole week and the  museum was opened again after a week.

When the museum opened again, the people came back and stared at the empty photo space of the Mona Lisa. Some visitors left the flowers on that place that represented a great loss and love of people for that national asset.

The Clues

60 investigators wree searching for the painting and found out no clue. Unfortunately the robber was very intelligent. He had not left many clues to figure out his crime. Hower on the first day of the investigation, a glass plate was found. It led investigators to declare that the painting was taken out of the frame by the theif and he left out of the museum without getting noticed.

A famous finger print expert also came into action when he found a thumb impression on the frame of Mona Lisa. But he was not successful about matching it to any of his suspects. That proved that the theif had already knew what was the scene inside the museum. A Louvre worker was blamed also in the process.Some people thought it was a joke by staff and they will put the painting back shortly.

The Finding or Missing Painting

Two years passed and no sign of painting was found. In November 1913, an antique businessman gave his ad in the newspaper that he is willing to buy anything or everything antique.He received a letter later from someone who wished to sell Mona Lisa and clained he had the painting in his possession.

In December 1913, a man with the mustache appeared at Geri’s Sales Office and said he is Leonardo and he has the Mona Lisa. He demanded half million lire for giving it back. He said that he had stolen the painting because it belonged to Italy. The Nepolean stole it from Italy and it should have been hanging in Italy rather than France.

Geri agreed to give him the price for it and he contacted the police after taking the painting from Leonardo. The museum staff confirmed that the original seal behind the painting confirmed that it was not a duplicate one. The general public went crazy when they heard the missing Mona Lisa coming back to museum.




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