Tokyo City

Tokyo City

Tokyo is the largest city of Japan and also the capital city of Japan. it is also the most populous city of the world with 2,187.66 km square area. The Japanese Government resides in this country and became the capital of country in 1868.Tokyo is a metropolitan city governed by the government it is the home of 51 fortune 500 companies. Japan’s major television networks are also in Tokyo like Fiji TV, Tokyo MX, TV Asahi, TV Tokyo and Nippon Television. The city is the most advanced and economically powerful city of Asia and is known as Alpha+ city.

During the world war 2, Tokyo suffered major setbacks due to air fighting destructions.After 1945, Tokyo went under the process of rebuilding and more people moved to Tokyo from worldwide during the 80s for investment and career opportunities. The 2011 earthquake also did a lot of damage to the city but the strong infrastructure helped Tokyo to survive and undo the damage in no time. 2020 Summer Olympics are scheduled to be held in the Tokyo which will rank Tokyo the first Asian city to host the Olympic games twice.


Being the largest metropolitian economy of the world, the urban area of Tokyo contains world renowned companies. Purchasing powr of people of Tokyo is very good but the cost of living is also very high. The largest investment bank and insurance companies also reside in Tokyo.the major fish supply is obtained by Tokyo islands like Oshima Tourism also plays golden part in the economy of tokyo. The biggest seafood market in Tsujiki in central Tokyo is the biggest. The fruits, vegetables and fish market are blooming in Tokyo.


it is the biggest point for rail, bus and air transportation. The most efficient airways are Nippon Airways, Delta Air, United Airlines and Japan Airlines. Rails are also very important means of transportation. Public transportation include taxis and buses. Two different organizations “Tokyo Metro” and ” Tokyo Metropolitan bureau of Transpiration” control the subway network.

Education in Tokyo

Tokyo has many universities, colleges and junior schools. Tokyo  institute of Technology and University of Tokyo are best institute for quality education.There are also universities for teaching of Japanese language like Sophia University. The headquarters of “United Nations University” is also in Tokyo.

A large number of students study in schools from Kindergarten to higher secondary level. The education system is very advanced and comprehensive. It prepares students for the upcoming challenges of future. The education system is the reason Tokyo has gained such a phenomenal

success during the last few decades.

Culture & Sports

The culture of Tokyo is rich and reflects the true tradition of Japanese nation. Tokyo National Museum and the Uneno park are the most significant places for amusement. National Museum of modern art reflects special tradition of Tokyo.

Many large theatres for artistic performances like pop/rock music and traditional music are providing a great environment for the people living there. Tokyo is known for its festivals and events. The Kanda festival is well known for its colourful floats and decorations. Sumida river also a big attraction for residents in the mood for picnic.

Japan has a big role in world sports and they secure gold and silver medals in every type of sports with world class players. 1964 summer Olympics were held in Tokyo and the Olympic Stadium is the most beautiful place in the city. Rugby , football , karate and Judo are incredibly popular sports of Japan. Athletes perform very well in Gymnastics and martial arts.

Tokyo Mew Mew Characters became also very popular which was a group  of five adolescent girls who were supposed to rescue the earth from aliens.

The famous people of Tokyo were Akihito The Emperor, Hayayo Miyazaki ( the fim director), Hideo Kojima (The game developer), Hikaru Utada (The famous female singer0, Yoko Ono ( the female artist) and Yoshiro Mori ( Prime Minister of Japan) to name a few. The rich cultural heritage of Tokyo is producing more and more artists, scientists, writers and industrialists to carry forward the legacy of Japan.



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