Twakkol Kraman, Mother of Revolution

Twakkol Kraman, Mother of Revolution

Twakkol Kraman is a Yemeni woman journalist, politician and woman activist. Her fame and glow around the world knowing her as Mother of Revolution and  Iron woman are the names from which she is been remember. She is not only first Arab and second Muslim woman who is awarded with Nobel Prize but also youngest ever woman in history who won Nobel Prize.  She gained Nobel Prize in 2011 working in non-violent struggle for the safety of women’s rights and her wonderful participation in peace building work in Yemen.

Early life and Eduction

Tawakkol karman born in 1979 in Yemen. She scores her early education and under graduation degree in commerce from university of science and technology (Yemen). After her commerce degree she graduated in political science. Completing her major degree in political science she joined journalism and joined opposition party Al-Asalah where she is now holding a party position. Twakkol Kramann gained prominence after joining journalism and politics. She is now holding position in Shura council in Yemen.

Work struggle and Achievemnts

She was pop up during the time when Yemen was facing civil disobedience, Civil War and unification of north and south in Yemen. The agenda at the time Twakkol took to response the political instability and condemned the abuse of human rights. In 2005 she established the organization of woman journalists without chains (wjwc).  The purpose to advocate the rights and freedom and produce regular reports on human rights abuse. From 2007 she started here campaign against ragging storm of government repression, social and legal injustice and corruption. She continued her struggled until 2011 and continuing her struggle to redirected protesters to support Arab spring. Twakko raised her country issue at united nation. She is remembering with her different motivational and inspirational speeches quotes.

Her exhilarating quote addressing with UN is a way post remembering her  :

Women should stop being or feeling that they are part of the problem and become part of the solution. We have been marginalized for a long time, and now is the time for women to stand up and become active without needing to ask for permission or acceptance. This is the only way we will give back to our society and allow for Yemen to reach the great potentials it has.

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