United Kingdom (Great Britain)

United Kingdom (Great Britain)

The Country

The United Kingdom of Great Britain known as UK is the leading country of Europe.It has a border with Ireland and is surrounded by Atlantic Ocean with Celtic Sea to its South.Between UK and Ireland, the great Irsih sea is located. It is a large country as compared to the rest of the Europe with 93,800 square miles area.UK is the 11th largest state in the Europe.

Great Britain is the 22nd most populous country in the world.64.5 million people are currently living in UK with a gradual increase. “London” is the capital city which is the economic hub of Europe and a multicultural technological city.England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland are the four major countries of UK. English is the official language and the Currency is most powerful “Great Britain Pound” GBP. Time zone of UK is GMT UTC and the country code for calling is +44.The top level domain TLD extention for UK is “.uk”. The people of UK call themselves English, Scottish, Welsh and Northern Irish. UK is also the third country to develop the nucleur atomic bomb along with Germany and Japan. Elections are held every four years and next elections are supposed to be held in 2016.

Queen Elizabeth II is the queen of United Kingdom and its commonwealth realms.

Alliances And Climate

The United Kingdom is also a founding member of European Union in 1954.In 1973 it became a part of European Economic Community(EEC). In the 80s, the government of Margaret Thatcher privatised the mostly state owned companies.The global dominance of UK is still persisting in military power and its role in NATO. The parliament of UK meets at two famous houses called the “House of Commons” and “House of Lords”. The top officer controlling the government is “Prime Minister”. The government of England is separate from the government of Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

The climate of UK is pleasant throughout the year with plenty of rainfall in all major cities.In winter the temperature falls below -11 C and rises above 35 C in the summer. Winters are mild mostly because of the currents of the Atlantic ocean. Heavy snowfall is expected in the winter and spring seasons.

Law, Military and Foreign Relations

The Supreme court of UK was found in 2009. Due to the increasing crime in England since 80s to 1995. the prison population increased to 86000. On the other hand the crime in Scotland decreased since 2010 -2015 and prisons are shrinking.

Being the permanent member of United Nations Security Council, UK has strong partnership with France and USA for sharing nuclear technology. The British army played a great role in the World War I and II.UK is the sixth largest in the world to spend on the armed forces and ammunition.

Economy And Tourism

UK is the fifth largest economy in the world today with its stability in currency and economic policies. It is second largest in Europe also after Germany. Central Bank of UK issues and currency notes and coins for exchange.
Pound sterling is doing great in the world market and Edinburgh city is also the financial leaders in Europe.The best earning generating industries are automatise industry, ship building and steel making. The aerospace industry is also the third largest in the world.

The tourism is also flourishing in UK and millions of tourists worldwide come to UK for travelling and vacation.UK is also the 6th major tourist destination in the world.

Technology, Education and Transport

Since the 17th century, England and Scotland are both the leading countries in technology.Major scientist of 18th century was Isaac Newton.He presented the laws of motion and the force of gravity which are still the basic ground of Physics in elementary schools around the world.Charles Darwin in the 19th century presented the theory of evolution was the founder of modern Biology.Alexander Fleming also discovered Penicillin. The first major steam engine was also invented in UK Graham Bell also invented the Telephone in UK.
Alan Turing is the founder of modern Automata Theory which served as the basis of modern computer machines. The world wide web would never have been possible without him.

UK has a large network of road and rails.The railway network of UK is 10,072 miles long.Airports in the UK can handle almost 212 million passengers. The largest airports in the world are also in UK which are “Heathrow Airport’, “London Stansted Airport” and “British Airways”.

Languages Spoken In UK

UK has a multicultural multilingual environment where many different languages are spoken. English is the official language spoken in the famous British Accent.A large number of South Asians living in England also speak Urdu, Punjabi,Bengali and Tamil. Polish is the second largest language spoken in England these days however.Also Irish and Cornish are also popular in United Kingdom. The two most common languages taught in England are German and French.
large majority of people is Christian in UK but Buddhism, Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam is also practiced by the immigrants from Asia.Muslim population has increased to 2.7 million in UK making it the second largest population group.Despite some racial discrimination and cultural abuse, Muslims have remained strong in UK for practising their religion. Church of England is the major church for Christians to worship.

Education, Music And Cinema of UK

About 38-40% people are highly qualified from a proper university degree from UK or aboard.The government takes education very seriously.Two leading universities are Oxford and Cambridge which are the top 10 universities of the world.Ministry of employment and learning is playing a great role in education as well. In 2005 alone, 206,000 books were published in UK which shows their genuine interest in learning and writing.UK is a deeply talented knowledge based economy of the world.

Famous writers of all time were HG Wells, Graham Greene, JK Rowling and the great poet William Blake. Charles Dickens will always be remembered for his world famous stories.

The Beatles from UK have left a permanent mark on the rock n roll industry of the world.It was the highest selling band and still sells many records around the world for their unique tunes.Over the last 50 years, solo singers and band have done legendary job in promoting UK music industry and have made it tough for Americans to compete.The most influential bands were Bee Gees, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, Elton John, The Who, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart,The Police, Duran Duran the Spice Girls. Liverpool and London are the home of many great musicians.

The UK artists have also influenced the world a lot due to their acting capabilities.Alfred Hitchcock is still considered as the best mystery writer.Kate Winslet is a modern day female actress who made herself famous from ‘Titanic” also belongs to UK.Anthony Hopkins is another legend of UK who made his mark in the Hollywood. Harry Potter and James Bond characters are still entertaining the world after so many years of popularity.


Uk is famous for top quality performance and players in the games like football, boxing, rowing, cricket, swimming, tennis, rugby and golf. Cricket is the national game of England and is played locally and internationally.Britain’s most famous cricket legends are Ian Botham, David Gower, Late Tony Greig, Mike Gatting, Nasir Hussain and Allan Lamb. The Lords Cricket Stadium is an example of most modern state of the art sports stadiums which hosted the World Cup finals as well.

In Tennis, Wimbledon is known as the world’s most famous tournament for Tennis Championship. It is held in London in June and July every year. St. Andrews gold stadium in Scotland is the oldest golf course in the world since 1794.

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