United States Of America USA

United States Of America USA



The United States of American (USA) is normally referred to as United States(US). It is one of the largest country of the world in the North American Continent. It is composed of 50 states spread over the area of 9,857,306  kilometre square.The country is the economic hub of the world is a nuclear power among France, UK, Pakistan, India, China etc. The country developed into a superpower after the world war 2. Today the country has the hugest GDP in the world with booming economy. It is a multicultural and multilingual country and a leading country in the field of research and technology. Washington DC is the capital of USA and is the home of the president and White House.

Brief History And Development

The history of America is very old. It came into being as a part of the world in 1977,July 4th. It started as a politically weak country with British influence. After the civil war the first president was elected in 1860, Abraham Lincoln.A large number of immigrants and Indians started to enter America resulted in Indian Wars. But during the 19th century, major development started to increase. In early 20th century, World War 1 and World War 2 affected economy and resulted in great depression. That is why after the world war 2, USA and Russia became to join hands for mutual economic growth. In 1959, Hawai  became the last state of United States as the 50th state. In the elections of 1980, the president Ronald Regan took the charge and made major economic reforms. He took the economy out of stagnation and employed women above 16 to contribute. ute toward the development. The relationship with USSR flourished as two super powers helped each other dominating the world, but the collapse of the USSR in 1991 left USA as the  most dominant superpower in the world.

Climate, Natural Beauty & Population

Being the world’s largest nation by area, the US has great plains, rocky mountains, coastal areas and green forests. In Colorado, the snow capped mountains are as 4300 m high. The state of California is situated at the lowest point, and Hawaii also consist of beautiful islands.

The variety of climates are found in USA. Florida state is mostly tropical and resemble with Hawaii. About 91000 species are found for insects alone.1800 species of flowers and plants area also found. The United States is full of mammals, reptiles and Amphibians. America has 58 national parks and 100s of federally controlled parks.

Population & Culture

America is famous for its multicultural and multilingual beauty.The estimated population is 322,384,000 for US and is likely to grow in the next years.Foreign immigrants are making the country’s population grow. After China and India, US is the third most populous country in the world. The largest race is White Americans and Asian Americans are the second largest minority. Asians from Philippines, China, India and Singapore are in large quantity. Almost 12% illegal immigrants are also in America who in which 26% are Asian.Latin American population is also growing with fast rate. 58% of Americans are over 18 and married. .All the religions are found in America like Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Jewish, Sikhism and Atheists. My English is the most popular language, but Chinese, Tagalog, Spanish, French, German and Korean are the most spoken languages in America. Territorial languages like Samoan and Chamoro are also spoken. Urdu and Arabic are rapidly growing languages in America. People globally prefer to immigrate to USA mainly because of career growth opportunities and friendly fast paced environment.

Government & Foreign Relations

The American politics is the oldest in the world with democracy and federal system evolving with time. Checks an balances are there to ensure a smooth and corruption free governmental operations. The Commander in Chief is the President of the Country and the Judiciary is composed of Supreme Court and federal courts. Then there are state governments operating below the Federal government. Primary elections are held in the country. The current president Barack Obama is the 44th president elected in the elections of 2008 and 2012.

United States is a permanent member of United Nations and it hosts the UN headquarters in Network city. Embassies of every other country is in Washington DC. The best countries to have relationship with US are UK, Philippines, Canada, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Israel, France, Germany ,Italy,Spain and Newzealand.

US has the strongest and largest military force in the world. American  Air force and Department of Navy have millions of trained soldiers during the time of war and peace.The department of defence USA is largest in the world with 700000 civilians working as well.

Law is enforced by the police department composed of Sherrifs in every locality.FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) and US Marshals perform special duties. Crime and murder rate in America is relatively high as compared to Canada and South America,but the law enforcement agencies are doing great job as the prisons are being managed properly and the punishments are given on all known crimes.

Economy & Education

The United States is full of natural resources. The abundance of human capital is also a large factor in economical growth.The GDP growth is 3.6% and unemployment rate is 5%.The imports of United States are growing substantially with Canada, China, Germany and Japan its powerful trading partners. The leading products are Chemicals, electrical, electronic, natural gas and minerals.Corn is also produced in USA and exported heavily.USA is heavily relying of technological advancement and agriculture GDP is only 1%. The 74% of the US employees get paid  sick leaves and part time workers get the same benefits.

The current global recession has affected American economy a lot with the increase in unemployment and decreasing household income.The taxes have also increased.But that does not stop America from among the highest employee income status/ The 10% richest people hold the 72% of the country’s wealth.A large number of homeless persons live in America.

The  United States department of education controls the education system of United States. Luckily US spends more on the education of its students than any other country of the world today.80% of the college students also attend the public university of their choice for higher education.The most competitive and top higher education universities are in America. That is why the literacy rate of this great nation is 99%.. There are strong work ethics found in Americans and they are also the charity loving people.This is the main reason for attracting most talented workforce into the country.

The world’s two largest and highest ranking universities “MIT” and “Harvard University” is located in America. They produce world class scientists, engineers and management leaders in the world.

Food & Music

Similar to the Eastern countries, Wheat  is the most popular grain for preparing food. Americans love Turkey, potato and corn.Large variety of delicious dishes are made in many parts of America like fried chicken, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and French fries.fries. Coffee and tea are also popular drinks of America along with orange Juice and milk. They like to eat 3 times a day including the morning breakfast.A large number of restaurants are found in all areas of country with eastern and western foods  available.

America has good opportunities for entertainment in the form of theatres, parks and music. The great music of America is listened everywhere in the world. African American and white singers all make good contribution towards music industry which is largest in the world.The most prominent global celebrities are Michael Jackson and Madona from America. It has produced legendary bands and artists like Taylor Swift, Britney Spears, Eagles, The Beatles, Aerosmith and many more. Grammy Awards are held in America each year to give recognition to world wide musicians.

In Hollywood Los Angeles, the world’s most successful movies are released and made.Walt Disney Studio and the Twentieth Century Fox are the biggest places for world famous movies.Directors like James Cameron and Steven Spielberg have produced millions of earnings in the box office.


US takes part in all the major sports of the world like Basket Ball, Football, Rugby, swimming, wrestling, Baseball, volley ball, skateboarding and surfing to name a few.So far US has hosted eight Olympic games and won thousands of gold and silver medals.US has the largest number of athletes performing professionally as compared to UAE and Africa.Boxing Legend Muhammad Ali was also produced by United States who was an African American. USA also hosted the Soccer World Cup FIFA 1994.


The United States has the most comprehensive transportation system in the world.It is also the world’s second largest auto mobile market. The highway system of America is the longest in the world. The country has huge number of vehicle owners because of the low prices of vehicles locally manufactured.

US also has a large railway system.Freight trains are costly in America but a large number of people prefer travelling through trains in many states.

American Airlines is the largest in the world as well providing best facilities and service to passengers travelling from worldwide.Most airports are owned publically.

Bicycle use is also popular but not much popular among the working community.

Science And Technology

The most innovative country in the world with its technological advancement  and research is United States.Every year mass production of large scale products is carried out.The first person to  be granted the technology award was Graham Bell in 1876. Then Thomas Edison and Wright Brothers also played significant role in the invention of electric bulb and aeroplane,The invention of “transistor” was also  done in America in 1950s which is the key component of all electronic devices found these days.Silicon Valley is the key technology company in United States which manufactures microprocessors. Intel and AMD are world’s leading microprocessor manufacturers. Software and Hardware giants like Microsoft, Cisco, Adobe, Apple, Dell. IBM and Sun Micro systems have also revolutionized the personal computing in the world.Almost 84% of Americans hold a computer at home and freedom is internet use is highest in America.

Best States Of America

According to the CNBC, the major media of America, the quality of life and business in the following states is highest.

Minnesota, Texas, Utah, Colorado, Georgia, North Dakota, Washington, North Carolina, Iowa, South Dakota, Virginia, Indiana, Idaho, Wisconsin, Florida, Tennessee, Wyoming and Illinois.

The workplace, economy and infrastructure is best in these states but other states are also worth living as the Americans as a nation are united and prosper.

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