US Flight 93 Crash

US Flight 93 Crash

US Flight 93 Crash

United Airlines Flight 93  was hijacked by al-Qaeda on September 11, 2001. The event has changed the world  since then and has changed the whole international relations and policies of US with the world. The two planes wrere  It crashed into a field near the Somerset County. It killed 44 people aboard but no one was injured in the process.The  hijackers breached the aircraft’s. The original attempt of the high jackers was to crash the plane into the White House Building or Capitol Building. Some of the passengers attacked the hijackers in an attempt to gain control of the aircraft.

This event is directly related to the 9/11 attack on the twin towers of World Trade Center. The passengers were able to make phone calls in the phone during the attack and found out that the other two planes had already hit the twin towers in the World Trade Center in Network and the Pentagon in Virginia. The plain crashed in the Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh and the news was spread like wildfire in a few hours.

The Hijackers Story

The other flights involved in the attacks were  American Airlines Flight 11 and American Airlines Flight 77. Total four hijacked planes were reported on September 11,2001 which was dreadful in the history of America. The flight was led by the leader of Hijackers Ziad Jarrah who was the member of the AlQaida. He was born in a rich family. He moved to Germany for becoming a pilot. He met Osama Bin Laden in 2000.He got the US Visa from the Embassy and moved to Florida.

The hijackers were trained to overcome the passengers and cockpit. His close contact with his girlfriend and family terrified the terrorists and they wanted to replace him. The other two hjackers were  Hamza al-Ghamdi and Mohand al-Shehri. Two more hijackers Saeed al-Ghamdi and Fayez arrived in Orlando, The last hijacker was  Mohammed al-Qahtani who also arrived in Orlando but was held suspicious and proved illegal, was sent back to Dubai and then Saudi Arabia later. This completes the story of hijackers.


The hijacking of flight 93 began in the early morning 9:28am. The light dropped from the height 685 feet below. The air traffic controller tried to call the Cleaveland but no reply for help arrived. “Mayday” call was heard after 35 minutes when hijackers had already assaulted the cockpit. It was announced in the flight: “Ladies and gentlemen: here the captain. Please sit down, keep remaining seating. We have a bomb on board.

The Crash

The plane crashed  near Indian Lake and Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Time of the crash was time of the crash was 10:06 am. The plane headed towards the school. People heard the explosion and felt the blast and saw the fire and smoke. A massive mushroom cloud was rising after the explosion. Human remains were found within a 70-acre acroos the area of crash.It was very difficult for the investigators to figure out if the passengers had already died before the plane crash or they died after the crash. Their bodies were torn and fragmented badly.




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