Vincent Kennedy McMahon

Vincent Kennedy McMahon


Vincent KennedyVinceMcMahon was born in 1945 in America. He is a wrestling leading personality and remained the CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment (Formerly WWF). He was a former  announcer,commentator, film producer, actor, and occasional professional wrestler.He own the WWE and acts in the background as Chairman Executive for his CEO Son in Law. He is also the winner of 1999 Royal Rumble. He has remained a certified billionaire in America and is married to Linda McMahon. Currently at the age of 70 he has a net worth of 1.2 billion.

Early Life

Vince was born in North Carolina. He lived with his stepfather and mother. Vince wanted to be a wrestler but his father was against it. In 1979 Vince and Linda began to host rock bands like Rush and Van Halen in their property. He helped built his father the company called WWF (world wrestling federation). The young Vince was aslo behind Muhammad Ali in his matches in 1976 and became the CEO of WWF after the death of his father.

Wrestling Boom

In the 80s wrestling had become a profitable booming business due to superstars entering into this profession. The American public as well as audience world wide began to appreciate the wrestling matches. In 1984, Vince promoted the WWF incredibly by hiring the mega star like Hulk Hogan.Rock stars began to sing songs for WWF Champions as their theme songs. Madison Square Garden MSG became the historic point for WWF matches. WWF made Hulk Hogan an icon of American culture and he wrestled Andre the Giant in Wrestle mania III who was undefeated for 15 years.

McMahon shaped WWF into a brand which influenced all other wrestling associations. In 1987 WWF hosted 93.173 fans in Wrestle mania III. WCW was formed by Ted Turner and was the leading rival company in wrestling against WWF. Vince started some exciting main events like Royal Rumble and Survivor Series which featured super stars like Bret Hart and Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Vince also served as a ring announcer in 1971 and later where he was popular as the baby face with his voice.In 1993 to 1995 Vince was the commentator for broadcasting of WWF on world wide TV and attracted more great wrestling talent into company which later became his family and superstars legends like Hunter Helmsley ( Known as HHH). At 1997 Bret Hart defeated WWF Champion Shaun Michaels in the main event. He developed some bad relations with Hart and left the announce table after that event. Jim Ross replaced him as the lead person after that.

The arrival of legendary Stone Cold Steve Austin was phenomenal for WWF. Due to his decision to make Austin fight the Rock, Austin attacked McMahon. He said he was sick of seeing Steve Austin. During that period WWF started new main event Judgement Day. He defeated Stone Cold with his son Shane in a ladder match. He feuded with HHH which resulted in the marriage of HHH and Stephanie McMahon.


The Era post 2000 was called McMahon-Helmsley Era because Vince got enormous help from his son in law for winding up the WCW operations and merge it into WWF. The threat was too high for WWF to lose its popularity if Vince family had not taken that step for the future of WWF. WWF then had to change its name to WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) due to the fact that WWF was owned by World Wildlife Fund.

Feud With Donald Trump and Post 2006 Era

Vince had a Feud with Donald Trump and it was highlighted on major media.Donald Trump defeated in a wrestling match also in the main event.Vince helped bringing out the matches like Chicago Street Fight, Belfast Brawl, Crazy 8 match and Ladder Match. Tables, ladder and chairs match also got popularity due to its extreme rules and it became into a full fledge main event later called the TLC. Elimination Chamber and Steel Cage matches were also introduced in the reign of Vince. Hell in a Cell match was the most threatening match introduced with dangerous rules and Punjabi prison match was made famous by the Great Khali of india (who retired recently from Wrestling).




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