Waheed Murad, Great Chocolate Hero

Waheed Murad, Great Chocolate Hero

After seeing a lot of movies of Waheed Murad, I admit he was a really great actor and I admire his matchless acting performance. By, Rajesh Khanna


Waheed Murad was a very famous actor of Pakistan film industry. He mostly works and films were picturize in 80’s. He was not only acted in film industry but he was also film producer and script writer. Although his films are a part of his greatness but more of it his acting styles is taught and followed today in many acting schools and academies in Pakistan.

Early life education:

Waheed was born on October 1938. His grandfather’s Zahoor Ilahi Murad was s lawyer, His father was a famous well known film distributor in Pakistan and Waheed Murad was the son that Nisar Muarad(waheed’s father) had. Waheed belonged with very educated family and waheed also himself was very educated person. Early school education he take form Marie Colaco School , Karachi. College education fom  lawrecne college , Ghora Gali,  Murre . Waheed complete his graduation from SM Arts College, Karachi. Later his master form university of Karachi in English literature. He had very strong education background through which he aimed many privileges in film industry. He had educational advantage as compared against other film actors and producer.

Work history:

He was from his early school life inspired of being lead actor in films. His father Nisar Murad helped him and pursues him in acting career. Arman was the director who provide him major boost in film industry. It is said that Arman makes him superstar overnight and stand him equally with legendry Indian actors.

Death and Funeral:

Waheed Murad was died on 23 November 1983. The great Pakistani actor found dead in the morning of 23th November 1983 and no one knows how he died. Some assumed that it was suicide some assumed as it was due to heart attack or something, but Pakistan film industry still feels the loss of this great actor and great person.

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