Werner Heisenberg the great Physician and Mathematics of Germany

Werner Heisenberg the great Physician and Mathematics of Germany

Werner Heisenberg was the great Physician and Scientist of German. Werner Heisenberg is also one of those personalities who got the Nobel Prize. Werner Heisenberg got the Nobel Prize due to his hard work in the field of Physics. Werner Heisenberg introduced many philosophies and theories; Werner Heisenberg also published many principles in Quantum mechanics and also introduced the concept of hydrodynamics of turbulent flows. Werner Heisenberg worked in every branch of the Physics and Werner Heisenberg also remains the chairman of the commission for Atomic Physics in Humboldt Foundation in German.

Werner Heisenberg was born on 5th December 1901 in the small town of Germany in Wurzburg, Bavaria. Werner Heisenberg’s father name was Kaspar Earnesta August Heisenberg and mother name was Annie Wecklein. From childhood Werner Heisenberg was very fond to get education and also read many books. Werner Heisenberg started his education from the local school of Wurzburg, Bahavira Germany. After completion his earlier education Werner Heisenberg took admission in the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munchen to get the education of Mathematics and Physics. Werner Heisenberg was very interested in the Niel Bohr’s Atomic theories and he got the chance to attempt the lecture of Niel Boher in 1922 and it was the great meeting of Werner Heisenberg and Niel Bohr.

Werner Heisenberg worked hard on the quantum mechanics and introduced all the aspects of the Quantum Mechanics. Werner Heisenberg’s quantum Mechanics theory starts a new revolution in the field of Physics. Due to his hard work and achievement in quantum mechanics Werner Heisenberg was nominated for the Nobel Prize in Physics. Werner Heisenberg was awarded the Nobel Prize by Albert Einstein in 1928. But Werner Heisenberg got his Nobel prize in 1932.

Werner Heisenberg was got married with Elisabeth Schumacher in January 1937. Werner Heisenberg and Elisabeth Schumacher spent a very happy life. Werner Heisenberg had twins Maria and Wolfgang who were born in January 1938. Werner Heisenberg had also five children their name are Barbara, Christine, Jochen, Martin and Verena. Werner Heisenberg was very fond of listening classic music. Werner Heisenberg achieved many awards in his life. Werner Heisenberg got Honorary Doctorates award from the University of Bruxelles, In Additional he got Romano Guardini Award, Order of Merit of Bavaria Award, Grand Cross for federal Service with star, Knight of the Order of Merit (Civil Class) award, Fellow of the Royal Society of London Award. Werner Heisenberg at the age of 74 seriously suffered in a dangerous disease of Cancer which harms the both kidneys of Werner Heisenberg. Werner Heisenberg was died due to this disease in 1st February 1976 in Munich, Bavaria, West Germany.

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