William Pereira’s Breif History-William Pereira Facts of life

William Pereira’s Breif History-William Pereira Facts of life

Background of William Pereira

The William Pereira‘s full name was “William Leonard Pereira”. Pereira was of the famous an American architect based in Chicago, Illinois. Pereira was noted in the history with his greatest landmark design of “Transamerica Pyramid” in San Francisco. William Pereira was loved with the Science fiction. Pereira was known by the name of the world of Science Fiction and with expensive cars, but mostly due to his remarkable and unmistakable design of architecture, which gave a new inspiration of the architecture of the 20th Century.

Education and Experience

William Pereira was born on 25th April, 1909 in Chicago, Illinois. He got his early education from the Chicago. Pereira completed his graduation from the “School of Architecture” University of Illinois. He started his professional career from his home city, Chicago.  He experiences some small draft and design during the “Chicago World’s Fair” in 1933 with the name of “A Century of Progress”.  Pereira deigns the “Esquire Theatre” at 58 Oak Street with the help of his brother “Hal Pereira.” It was considered the remarkable example of Art Deco Style.

Pereira worked as a Hollywood art Director, Producer

Prier moved to Los Angeles in 1933. Pereira designed the First building with the name of “Motion Picture House” in Woodland, California. Pereira worked as a Hollywood art Director and received an “Academy Award” for Best special effects in the Action adventured film “Read the Wild Wind” in 1942. Pereira also worked as the Director of “This Gun for Fire” and as a production designer in the film “Jane Eyre” and the Drama “Since You went away” in 1944. Pereira worked as a producer of the two famous dramas included Johnny Angel in 1945 and “From this Day Forward” in 1946.

Services as an Architeture

Pereira also taught as a Professor of Architecture at the University of South California in 1949. He made a form with his fellow Charles Luck man with the name of “Pereira and Luck man”. Both Pereira and Luck man designed the most well known buildings in  the Los Angeles. There are some of the remarkable design of both of them included “Theme Building” at Los Angeles International Airport. Pereira Designed the camases of two famous Universities included “University of Southern California and the University of California in, Irvine.

Something about his personal life

William Pereira got first marriage with the famous Model and Actress “Margaret McConnell” on 24th June, 1934 and 2nd Married Bronya Galef (she stayed with him till his death). He had only two Children. William Pereira died on 31st November, 1985 at the age of 76 due to Cancer. At the time of his death, it was noted that there were 400 projects Pereira had over.

Architectural Ability
20out of 5
18out of 5
12out of 5
16out of 5


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