Wright brothers’s Facts-Breif History of Wright brothers

Wright brothers’s Facts-Breif History of Wright brothers

Wright brothers (Orlive and Wilber) invented the first airplane in the world. Both were successful engineers and made a successful human flight craft, which was powered by engineer and  it was heavier than air. This Invention of Wright Brother embarked a new should in transportation in the whole world.  It took the time to become it perfect, but they provided a milestone for the transportation. After the inventions of the aircraft you can cover a long distance in hours. They taught the world that how you have to fly.

The Wright brothers were on the number 3rd And 4th Sons of Milton Wright and Susan Catherine Koerner. They had 5 brothers. Wright Brothers’ father, Milton Wright was belonging to English and Dutch Family while, Mother, Susan Catherine was belonged to a Swiss family. Wilber born in 1867 while Olive, born in 1871 in Dayton. Ohio, Both olive and Wilber never married.  Their Father Milton Wright brought a toy in the shape of a helicopter during a traveling for both olive and Wilbert. The device was one of the invention of a French man, named Alphiobse. It was the  structure of the piece of paper, bamboo and Cork with a rubber band to twill its rotor; it was about 7 to 8 inches long. Both Wright brothers were played with this toy in the whole day. One day it broke and they tried to build it by owner and at last they made it. In Later life they got the idea of flying through this toy and took interest in flying.

Latter on they started their research to make a flying machine for human flight and latter on they developed a first powerful airplane on 17th December, 1903. That was a miracle in the World of Transport. By occupation Olive was a Published, bicycle retailer and manufacturer, airplane inventor and Pilot trainer, while the Wilber was Editor, bicycle retailer and manufacturer, airplane inventor and pilot trainer.

Orlive died on 3oth January, 1948 at the age of 76, while Wilber died on 30th May, 1912 at the age of 45.


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