Yuri Gagarin (First Man in Space)

Yuri Gagarin (First Man in Space)

Yuri was a Soviet Cosmonaut who was the first man to enter the space above earth in 1961. The day was April 12th when Gagarin made the history. He is also known as Yuri Alekseyevich  as his birth country was Russia.

Childhood of Yuri

Yuri Gagarin was born in Klushino, a small village west of Moscow in Russia. Russia was known as Soviet union those days. Yuti was the third among the four children born in his family. He spend his early days in the farm with his father Alexey. During the war period, they were kicked out of their house and life was hard for him.

Learning to Fly

Yuri was interested immensely in Physics and Mathematics. He went to an industrial school and trade school.Then he joined a flying club.He was good plane flyer and did well in the club.After 1955, he joined the Soviet Air Force. He graduated from the Orenburg Aviation School in 1957.

Cosmonaut during his missions and got chosen out of 3000 applicants. He stood and became the top 20th of al the applicants.He was chosen as the first cosmonaut for Soviet Union in 1960.

His sense of humor and ability to remain calm during the stressful space tests made him tremendously successful. These skills also enabled him to reach the space.

Launch of Vostok 1

On April 12, 1961,Yuri began the journey of Vostok 1. He expressed his great feelings and emotions in his speech before going into the space for the first time. He said it was joy and pride for him.  He said it was tremendous respobsibility over his shoulders as well. He is feeling marvelous by doing what generations of makind had dreamed of doing, to launch into the space for the very frist time,

At that time, the scientists were not much sure of the after effects on his body and health due to space travel.He vostok was going at 17600 mph speed into the space. He completed a single orbit around the earth and landed safely into the earth atmosphere again after jumping with a parachute 7 kilometers above the ground.

This expedition flight was kept secret for many years by the Russian Government. He was spotted by a local farmer and his daughter in the field when he landed on a parachute. He was wearing a spacesuit and helmet. He made them scared because they might have mistaken him as an alien from space. He had to go to them and explain that he was a Russian.He did not reveal his true identity and told them to direct him to a nearest phone where he can call his family.

He became an international hero as soon as his feet touched the ground. He was the first man to achieve this landmark in human history. Yuri was just 34 years old when he died. It shocked the world and deprived the world of a Hero.

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